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Ok, so yes, so and so is leaving and it would be nice to get them a gift and a card to show our appreciation of the time they spent with the company. I’m all for it, 100%. But.. why are you collecting from the staff? Surely this is a company expense? They worked for the company, not me (half the time I’ve never even heard of the person!) They are leaving the company, not me. It’s the company showing there appreciation, not me. So why do I have to stick a tenner in the box for Joe Bloggs in Sales (who probably earns double my wage) so we can buy him some useless crap that they don’t want.

And of course when it gets to my Birthday…….Nothing, just a ‘where’s the cakes?’ Cos I’m not in the ‘in’ group, yet I still have to pay for them. No! I say let’s make a stand, right here, right now. No more charity gifts for office staff. If the company wants to make a nice gesture fine, I’ll sign the bloody card, but if they don’t, tough!

End Rant.

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I don’t get it. They get you to do a certain job. Fine, no problem, that’s what I’m there for. They pass limited information on what you need to do and send you on your way. You go and start but then questions are raised in areas that they

a) Forgot to mention

b) Didn’t Know about themseleves

c) Didn’t think was important enough to tell you.

You need the answers to continue so you request a meeting and ask your questions. Sounds simple?

Wrong! They seem ‘put out’ that you didn’t know the answer and had to ask, ‘Why didn’t you mention this in the brief?’ ‘Do I have to tell you everything?’ Well yeah, that would help really wouldn’t it, Gimp!

Maybe I always catch them on a bad day but then, when is a good day?

So, Managers! Get your act together and actually do what your title suggests and ‘manage’

End of Rant

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This blog has been setup so I can rant about anything that’s frustrating me at the time. Most of these rants will be just for me but some you may relate to and either agree or disagree with. I do believe that by venting your frustrations wether verbally to a friend or typing in a blog like this is healthier than bottling ┬áit up all inside.

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