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Cold Callers

Ok, Cold Callers, the whole event annoys me. Firstly, the call. Always when I’m about to eat or leave the house or even ‘be romantic’ with Grumpy Almost Middle-Aged Woman!

Then it’s the sales spill ‘I’m not selling anything to you today’, no shit! Your not going to sell me anything period. Half the time they can’t even speak English, and before you all get on your racist horses, I include the British born callers, in fact they are the worse.

Then there this heavy, bullying tactics of a sale that really gets to me, and they are relentless. I told one the other day that I don’t want whatever they are selling  and I want to be removed from their list. He told me that he wasn’t trying to sell anything and wanted an apology of me! I demanded to be removed and he then hung up. 2 days later, they called again and it was the same person! with the same script! So if you can’t beat them (apparently it’s against the law) then play with them.

So this is what I do:

1) String them on, tell them your interested in whatever they want but don’t have time right now and ask them to call back in a more convenient date and time. I like to pick the times I know I’m at work.

2) Do the whole ‘yeah…..yeah…..yeah…’ then put the phone on the side and carry on with whatever you were doing. Check once in awhile if they are still there. Longest I had one going was around 14-16 minutes. See if you can beat that.

3) Pretend to don’t speak English and hang up, had quite a few trying to slowly but loudly repeat themselves as if that would help.

4) If you don’t have much time, pretend you can’t hear them, talk over them in an annoyingly  loud voice.

The idea is to try and piss them off more than they pissed you off cos the will be the only way to win.

End Rant

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